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online poker indicator Holdem Indicator™ the online poker calculator that indicates collected data on various variables like Odds, Pot odds, position, stack size and player cards are all calculated. Pot Odds are an important factor to consider. Holdem Indicator provides precise advice for Hold'em games. It's like having a personal poker coach sitting next to you, and that coach is poker pro. Not a miracle that this poker tool is always on the top and the most recommend software out there.

Poker Tournament Tool

Tournament Poker Tool Now you can play the big guaranteed tourneys and sit n go's like a pro with Tournament Shark™ the most advanced online poker tournament software and the ultimate weapon for a technically perfect playing. Works with the most online poker rooms and can be run simultaneously, filters to customize. Start fine tuning your game now, don't waste your money and energy. Free online poker tournament rankings, be the Shark in a Poker Tournament.

Omaha Poker Odds Calculator & Tracker

omaha poker tool Use Omaha Indicator™ to help building your poker bankroll. The Omaha calculator works with over 90% of all online poker rooms. Automatically reads your cards and table play and gives you the exact odds and pot odds. Don't waste your time and energy calculating odds, this applications main function of being a Omaha Odds Calculator does not distract the user at all, it only benefits. Get the father of all calculators for free!

Poker Tournament Timer Clock

poker timer The Poker Timer Clock for poker is a special designed poker utility and very easy to use. Having the blind timer on the table allows all the players to know how much time is left in the round. One of the most flexible and customizable clock software for poker tournaments in the web. The clock timer keeps track of the blinds and levels, so the players can start focusing on there game, so the tool is doing the rest for you. Set up the number of players, tournaments levels, small blinds, big blinds and antes easily with the full customizable blinds schedule. Of course it can be used for all kind of games like standard, turbo or deepstack. Configuring a new schedule is made easy with the wizard. Track of buy-ins, add-ons and re-buys from the players or add new players, rebuys and addons. It has a accurate timer just like in the casinos which will show you exactly how much time is left before the blinds go up. Easy to read interface of remaining level time and current blinds. A helpful end of the level alarm with built-in sounds. You can aslo change the background image, fonts, and colors in one simple step. This poker timer is the best way to add fun and excitement to your poker game.

It's compatible with Windows PC, Macbook and on your Android or IOS mobile devices, so you can now take the Poker Timer anywhere you want with you.

It's not just a poker timer, it's your complete tournament manager solution. The timer software is the best way to host your poker game. The support team from 888 poker is very helpful if you do need any help, try it for free and test it by yourself.

Professional Poker Calculator

Texas Holdem pot odds displayed instantly at your table that is just one of the awesome advantages of Calculator Pro The ultimate online poker odds calculator that gives real-time hand odds and pot odds as you play. While hand odds can help, if you want to win more hands and take your game play to a higher level. Poker Calculator Pro the best feature is that this tool provides both hand and pot odds and considers advice,  plays based on hand odds.

The power of Super HUD™

This real-time online tool supports more then 100 poker rooms. View more then 70 statistics, the game history and results of each opponent. Smart icons shows you what kind of players they are. Detailed statistics are displayed beside each player. Tagged as bomb, rock, shark, calling station. Try Poker Crusher this is not only an calculator if you want improve you game play and don't want make any setups simply us this software. One of the biggest secrets in online poker for a continual winning. Download and try it for Free.

Poker-Edge OFFLINE | Real-Time Poker Statistics

With the unique Poker-Edge software you have access the biggest online poker database of players. This Poker Tool shows you all stats of all your opponents in real time at your table, strengths, weaknesses, playing style and all the information that you collect only if you play against those players for a while. With this Info you can play a very good game from the beginning. Know all from your opponents is not a dream. You see icons like a fish, shark, telephone, rock, mouse etc. View Player Statistics directly on your Table. Increase Your Profits By Stalking Your Opponents.

The Magic Holdem is OFFLINE

There are many online poker calculators available for the community to use that offer players the world but end up lacking when it comes to practicable use and simplicity. The Magic Holdem application offers a range of information that is carefully presented to the user without hindering game play. One mistake that other tools like this cause is blocking the view of the gaming screen. The Magic Software for online poker, try it now.


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