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Online casinos offer may different varieties of poker. Variation you might find is Omaha Poker. Omaha Poker is a variety of hold ‘em poker and similar to Texas Hold ‘Em. Some casinos may refer to it as Omaha 8. For those who have never played Omaha Poker, it is definitely worth trying.

Poker games that belong to the Hold‘Em category all rely upon the usage of community cards. These community cards can be used by any player as they build their poker hand. Omaha Poker does feature these cards. In Omaha Poker, the community cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table. When playing Omaha Poker, your aim is a bit different than in traditional poker where only the person with the highest ranking hand wins. In Omaha Poker, there are actually two winners. Not only does the person with the highest ranking hand win but so would the player with the lowest hand ranking. The pot is then split equally between these two winners.

Playing Omaha Online Poker

Players are each dealt four cards in the game of Omaha Poker. This is different than Texas Hold ‘Em where players only receive two. Since players receive more cards in Omaha Poker, the likelihood of needing a higher ranking hand to win is much greater. Players will frequently see hands of royal flushes and straights. This is different than in Texas Hold ‘Em where the game is often won simply with just a pair. Also with Omaha Poker, fewer players are apt to fold initially as they are more likely to get something with which to work. With more players remaining in longer, the pot can become richer. Two of the four cards in a player’s hand must be utilized to create an Omaha Poker hand. Then a player could also use the three community cards. You can use the Omaha Indicator to improve your gameplay.

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