Poker Hand Ranking & Tips

Poker Tips & Hand Rankings

Before you think of selecting a poker game of preference, first you would have to understand how to play some of the poker variants. If you are new to poker, knowing the basic rules of the game is a vital key to get started. Before you think of how a particular poker variation is played, you should fist get to know the poker hand rankings. Poker hand rankings differ from one variation to another.

In Poker, we have the following hand ranking categories:

High Poker Rankings - Poker hand rankings used in Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, Five Card Draw and Seven Card Stud. (Listed Below)

Ace To Five Lowball Hand Rankings - Poker hand rankings used in Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud Hi/Lo and Razz.

Deuce To Seven Lowball Rankings - Poker hand rankings used in 2-7 Single Draw and 2-7 Triple Draw.

Budugi Hand Ranks - This is a special type of hand ranking which is not similar to the traditional hand rankings.

Royal FlushRoyal Flush
Royal Flush is the highest poker hand. Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace in the the same suit.

Straight FlushStraight Flush
A straight in the same suit is a Straight Flush. "e.g. 4d-5d-6d-7d-8d". If more players have a Straight Flush, the combination with the higher card wins.

Four Of A KindFour Of A Kind
This hand is made up with 4 cards of the same value "e.g. 4 X Tens". If more players have Quads the highest combination would win.

Full HouseFull House
Three of a kind combined with a pair. If more than one have a Full House the the higher three of a kin would win.

A Flush 5 cards of the same suit in any combination. "e.g. 5 X Hearts". If more players have a Flush the highest combination would win.

Five cards in sequence that can be in any suit. If more players have a Straight the highest combination would win.

Three Of A KindThree Of A Kind
3 cards of the same value "e.g. 7d-7c-7s-X-X". If more than one player has a "Set" the higher card combination would win.

Two PairTwo Pair
Two Cards of the same value "e.g. 2 X Tens and 2 X Kings". If more players have two pair, the hand with the highest pair wins. The same pair, the better kicker wins.

One PairOne Pair
Two cards of the same value If more players has a Pair, the higher card combination would win. If both players have the same pair the player with the better kicker win.

The The hand with the highest card wins.

New players are advised to understand the poker hand rankings of each variation before they start to learn the proceeds of each variation. Poker is a simple game to learn but it takes a long time to adopt winning strategies as well as style of play. Some people tend to think that poker is a game of chance but when you have done so much research and practice, poker becomes a mathematical game that requires skill and math.

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