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The best ideas for themed parties

If you're thinking about throwing a party, why not try a themed night? There are always the old standbys, such as a toga party or unicolor clothing party, but the real challenge is thinking of something innovative and worthy of acclaim. Everyone wants to come up with a party idea to beat any before it, so consider these off-the-wall themes for this year’s big bash:

Casino Night

Set up gambling stations around the room, such as a Texas Hold 'em table and another featuring the best bingo sites. At the end of the night, guests cash in their chips for door prizes, with those who won the most chips going first. This theme works great for a charity event; have your guests make donations to get starter chips. If you're not collecting money, give everyone a set amount of chips for the night and set them loose to have fun.

Black Light Party

A black light party adds a little pizzazz and colour to the night. It requires a dark room outfitted with black lights in key areas, then add white details to create the fluorescent effect, such as decals on the dance floor, signs on the wall and white napkins and party hats. Set out stations with light body paint, then turn up the music and let them go. Add to the fun by inviting guests to dress in all black with just one light-coloured accessory.

Barter Party

Bring a piece of wacky, weird junk from home and walk away with a new piece of wacky, weird junk from someone else's home. Encourage guests to clean out their desk drawers and footlockers, and then bring with them anything they haven't used for years that has a certain charm to it – think an old pair of sneakers, a bobble-head doll, a coffee cup or a hat. No one person can have more than one item at a time, and you can trade items as many times as you want until you find your keeper. What is one man’s junk is another partygoer’s treasure.

Jamaica Me Crazy

The name says it all – this is a variation on your average beach-themed party. Play reggae music, provide lounge chairs and decorate with lots of bamboo. Serve Jamaican favorites such as jerk chicken and Red Stripe beer, and encourage guests to wear fake dreads and beachcomber shoes. How about requiring everyone to speak with Jamaican accents, too?


This theme is simple and just a touch bizarre, and mustache parties are all the rage right now. As you may suspect, each guest comes wearing a distinctive mustache. It can be handlebar, Charlie Chaplin-style or the one Aunt Alice always had; any cheesy variation will do. Decorate the room with images of moustached individuals, and if partying with old friends, blow up pictures from past events and draw mustaches on them.

Whether you want black tie or overalls, a good theme takes the humdrum out of party night. Make this year’s party theme something no one will top.

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