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At the poker table, either the offline version or during a gaming session on any of the online casinos currently offered by reputable operators, it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment and do things on impulse. Indeed, the most common time during which you might see someone making a reckless bet without thinking is when they are angry or, as it’s known in poker circles, on tilt.

Making impulsive moves at the poker table is one of the biggest mistakes amateur players make and it’s these moves that often cause them to lose their bankroll.

In order to become a high-level poker player, you need to question everything you do and ensure that there is a valid reason for why you’re doing it. Becoming your own worst critic is essential if you want to give yourself the best opportunity to make money.

Before each move you make you should ask yourself the question: “why?” Doing this will force you to evaluate the myriad of factors involved in the hand and will help to guide you towards a better conclusion.

In this situation, you know that the player making the raise is very loose but they only like to bet post-flop if they have a strong hand. Additionally, both you and the initial raise have deep stacks; moreover, you’re in position on the button. Finally, your holding is one that can make a lot of disguised hands that could win you a large pot.

Putting all these factors together, it becomes obvious that you can comfortably call in this spot for two reasons: if your opponent doesn’t bet post-flop then you can use your position at the table to steal the pot with a bluff. Additionally, you may hit a big draw (flush and straight draw) and find your opponent betting into you with a strong hand. At this point you’ll be able to try and hit your draw and take advantage of their propensity to always bet their strong hands.

As you can see, sometimes the first move you think of at the poker table isn’t always the correct one. Make sure you take some time with each decision to ask why you’re doing it and use this reasoning to help make more money in the long run.

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