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As a kid I used to play a lot of card games, most of the time I played a game we called jokeren and I was pretty good at it.

A few weeks ago I came upon a site where you can play card games online called Rummy, and I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out that one of the games you could play at that site, Kalooki, a form of rummy, was almost exactly the game I used to play as a kid.

I joined the site, played some games for free, and after a few days I found out I was still pretty good at it. Of course you need a bit of luck as well, if you get terrible cards you will lose, but after I played a good few games for free, I decided to play for real money.

I do not regret this decision; I have played a lot of Kalooki games, I have lost a lot of them, but I have won more then I lost, so in the end I did win some money. What is even more important, I just love to play this game again.

The site has grown a lot since I joined, there are now a considerable amount of players who play for money, and so the prizes are getting bigger all the time. Every month there is a big tourney and on the moment the big tourney has a prize amount of $25.000, I sure would like to win some of that.

All in all I am very pleased with this site. I get to play the card games I like, and I earn a few dollars as well. Not a lot, I have made a few hundred dollars so far, but as I said it is great fun. Maybe I get even better at it as I go along; I might win a few big tourneys, you never know, but even if I do not I do not mind. Online card games are here to stay and I am having great fun playing Rummy, Gin, Oklahoma and Kalooki

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