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Pokertools are designed to help you improve your general poker game, some poker tools calculate odds in real-time while you play online, others track your performance and help identify leaks in your game, and some programs help you train against different opponents and conditions. All of the poker tools featured here are legal to use and will help you become a much better poker player.


Online Card Games

As a kid I used to play a lot of card games, most of the time I played a game we called jokeren and I was pretty good at it.

A few weeks ago I came upon a site where you can play card games online called Rummy, and I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out that one of the games you could play at that site, Kalooki, a form of rummy, was almost exactly the game I used to play as a kid.

I joined the site, played some games for free, and after a few days I found out I was still pretty good at it. Of course you need a bit of luck as well, if you get terrible cards you will lose, but after I played a good few games for free, I decided to play for real money.

I do not regret this decision; I have played a lot of Kalooki games, I have lost a lot of them, but I have won more then I lost, so in the end I did win some money. What is even more important, I just love to play this game again.

The site has grown a lot since I joined, there are now a considerable amount of players who play for money, and so the prizes are getting bigger all the time. Every month there is a big tourney and on the moment the big tourney has a prize amount of $25.000, I sure would like to win some of that.

All in all I am very pleased with this site. I get to play the card games I like, and I earn a few dollars as well. Not a lot, I have made a few hundred dollars so far, but as I said it is great fun. Maybe I get even better at it as I go along; I might win a few big tourneys, you never know, but even if I do not I do not mind. Online card games are here to stay and I am having great fun playing Rummy, Gin, Oklahoma and Kalooki

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Discover How To Get Free Facebook Poker Chips

Are you hunting for Free Facebook Poker Chips? Want to know where to get hold of your freebies from?

The safest way to locate free Facebook poker chips is to merely log on to Facebook and go to your Texas Hold ’em application then click the ‘earn chips’ tag at the top of the game play area, you will then see a list of valid offers where you can get free Facebook poker chips. Some of them are free and some necessitate a purchase so be certain to ensure if the offer has a little yellow ‘FREE’ ticket attached.

Here’s a catalog of some of the complimentary offers that were open at the time of writing this post.

Our favourite – do some Facebook quizzes and pick up some free chips.
Quizzes are simple, fun and you don’t have to to put in your own details and have your inbox spammed with junk mail.

Quizzes Offering Free Poker Chips
Are you a lazy bum?
Which transformer is your favourite?
What kind of drive are you?

Other free chip deals – sign up for these free offers and get your chips.

Win a £15000 shopping spree
Win a Renault Clio
Fill out a survey and win £500 to spend at Carphone Warehouse
Get a free Argos voucher!
Eat Laser Sword Aliens! – win an x-box
Turn yourself into a 3D image with ZWINKY
Dress up your desktop with Free Screensavers!

Other ways to catch free chips

Carry on checking back at the Texas Hold’em application since they quite often run deals where they will hand over chips for free. At the time of writing they are running a lottery where you could earn chips just from logging in to the application. Log on every day and you will gradually but steadily build up your chips. I have been earning $500 – $1000 in chips most days I drop by. Another promotion they were running lately saw your bankroll increase by $2000 just for logging in and if you invite all your friends to join in you will get even more chips for every one that installs the application.

You can also give your friends free poker chips and get them to send them back to you. At the time of writing you can give each of your friends $100 chips everyday you log in.

There are countless websites that will seek to sell you the ‘secret’ of obtaining free Facebook poker chips and lots of of them will try to rip you off and rob the chips you already have – so the safest guidance is to go right to the Facebook poker game and seek out the legitimate deals only!

And bear in mind – if you can’t be bothered jumping through hoops for your free poker chips you can find the cheapest offers to Buy Facebook Poker Chips online here.

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PKR Bonus Codes

PKR is the revolutionary 3D online poker room. From the very beggining, PKR aimed to become a reputable and respected brand in the gambling industry. Their efforts waren?t in vain and the poker room begun to attract more and more poker players. The 3D graphics and the continuous upgrades of the software makes PKR the best choice to play poker online, especially if you?re a futurist gamer.

Playing poker for real money is not an easy job neither a joke. People all around the world enjoy playing poker online for fun chips or for real money. There are people who play just for fun and there are people who play poker for living. For any kind of poker player PKR offers some nice incentives.

It is very important to know that when depositing some money into your PKR account for the first time, you?re eligible to get a bonus. All you need to do is entering a ?bonus code? in the specific field and the bonus will be credited to your PKR account after reaching some requirements.
Below I?ll present the best PKR bonus codes available for first time depositors at PKR.
BASIC50 ? the standard PKR bonus of $50. It requires a $50 minimum deposit and a wager of $1.5 for $1 in bonus.

SUPER800 ? probably the best PKR bonus. It match your first deposit up to $800. The minimum deposit is only $10, with a wagering requirements of $2.25 for $1 in bonus.
HIGH2000 ? the high roller bonus, which is available for deposits of $1,000 or more. It offers a 100% bonus up to $2,000. This incredible bonus needs a $2.5 wager for $1 in bonus to be released.

VIP250 ? the VIP bonus. Available for deposits of $50 and above, this bonus code gives 75% up to $250 of your first deposit, and you need to earn $2 in wager for $1 in bonus.
MBOOK – the Moneybookers deposit, available only for deposits through Moneybookers it gives 100% of the initial deposit up to $300. Only $1.5 in wager is needed for $1 in bonus to be released, and the minimum deposit is $50.
Those are the most common bonuses and their bonus codes. All of them have their advantages and misses. When choosing a bonus code must be aware of all the aspects involved: the desired bonus, the deposit amount, the wagering requirements and the deposit method.

After choosing the bonus that best fits you, simply enter the bonus code in the ?bonus code? field when depositing and the bonus is yours!
Remember that all these PKR bonuses are available only for first time depositors only. The players who already have an account with PKR aren’t eligible to get these bonuses.

Some free money are always welcomed and might be a good starting boost for your bankroll, so don?t miss the chance to use a PKR bonus code when signing up at PKR!

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Dangers Of Online Poker

There are different factors of danger. It would not hurt for you to know these risks before you start. The first is security and reputation. To play poker or any other form of gambling online is a risk if you choose the wrong , computer, Internet connection or online poker room. The biggest danger are Non Reputable rooms. where you can get problems while trying to cash out your money. Check out the payment options first before your start to deposit your own money. To avoid situations like these, try to play in more established online poker rooms.

The Second biggest danger is your computer, always use a anti-virus software to prevent any Trojan or spy programs that try to get your log-in details. Never use the keyboard to enter your details when your not on your own PCi If you want play online poker for real money from a Internet cafe, always use the virtual keyboard to enter your details.

Financial Aspect

There is no guarantee in all poker sites online that you will get your money when you make a withdrawal request. The big online poker sites can guarantee you to cash-out your winnings such as PokerStars, Intertops, Bodog and Paradise Poker which are the most reputable poker rooms online. This does not mean that all smaller and newer Internet poker rooms are not reliable.

It has been proven that some people do get addicted with online poker. The game selection is a important factor when deciding on what room to play, if you are prone to gambling addictions, it is best to stay away from Internet poker.