Playing Online Hold Em

Online Hold Em Poker has grown significantly in recent years, thanks to the advancement of the internet and of course the huge amount of advertising that is spent in getting new players onto the various sites that offer online hold em. Many people however think that they understand the game, and this is not the case, which can be revealed by merely watching a few tables online.

Firstly when playing online hold em, one of the first things you have to remember is that you cannot pick up on some of the telltale signs that you can pick up on when sitting at a real table. Little nuances, or giveaway signs that can indicate whether or not a player might well be bluffing, this does not mean you cannot pick this up via online games. The first tip that anyone should consider is to sit and watch as much as possible, specifically the way players play, and the time they take to enter a call or raise bet. You will also notice certain patterns developing, from the players that you too can learn to implement and ensure success when playing online hold em.

When learning to play online hold em it is recommended that you sign up for the play money or free play options which allows you to learn about the game, if you are a complete novice. This will allow you to get more comfortable with the game without losing money. However you should this as if it is real money, and perhaps even pretend to yourself that you are playing for real money with the same discipline and careful thought. This is because once you progress to playing for real money you will have that skill and savvy to be able to fend for yourself amongst the many sharks that are playing online.

You should also familiarize yourself with the ranks of the hands, meaning which hand will beat another, often times I have been playing and seen someone get upset because they thought they had the winning hand, when it actually wasn’t. So a good understanding of the ranks of hands will enable to play accordingly and calculate your risk in betting, whether it is for play money or for real.

If you take the leap into playing for real money, start small and build up from there, remember that many of the online hold em portals offer you free money, such as sign up bonuses and so forth, so take advantage of these to maximize you bank.

Remember when playing there is also an etiquette involved, and although you will always encounter brash people, this can also be part of their strategy when playing online hold em, so don’t take it personally.

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Online Casino Deposit Options

For the most part, making an online casino deposit is the first step towards a very safe and rewarding pastime. The popularity and positive reputation of online casino gaming has exploded over the past few years, due in large part to the exceptional advances in security and systems tracking software that are now available.

Individuals all over the world are discovering the exciting world of web-based entertainment, and online casino sites are leading the way.

Of course, it is vitally important that you do as much research as possible on the online casino at which you wish to play. Not all online casinos are created equal. You want to be sure that you are playing at an online casino that has an excellent reputation throughout the online gaming industry. Check out player’s forums and blogs to see what others have to say about the casino you are looking to play at. Be aware of the online casino rating of the casino you are going to play at.

Making an online casino deposit is fast and painless. Most sites accept all major credit cards. Customers are required to submit a completed authorization form before any withdrawals are processed. An online casino deposit is a safe and convenient way to load your account.

Online casino deposits are secure and reliable. The best online casinos will offer a built-in game and financial history tracker, so that players can monitor and document each and every dollar that flows in to or out of their account. This top of the line technology provides players with an easy to access, totally transparent account of their online gaming history. The best financial history trackers are available to every player, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Advances in payment processing and online security have done much to revolutionize the perception and reputation of the online gaming industry.

Research shows that today’s online customers feel just as comfortable making an online casino deposit as they do purchasing a product on ebay. In fact, with these new software technologies and stronger regulating guidelines in place, online gaming is quickly becoming recognized as one of the safest forms of web-based entertainment out there.

Knowing that your online casino deposit is secure and legitimate is a great first step towards a happy and successful online gaming experience.


The Highest Online Casino Rating

Sites with the top online casino ratings are committed to providing an honest, fair and friendly gaming environment for their customers to enjoy. It is important to know how sites earn top online casino ratings, so you know what to look out for when choosing the best site for you.

First, online casino ratings always take into consideration the friendliness, accessibility and efficiency of an online casino’s customer support team.

The best sites have agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Agents should be able to answer your questions quickly and effectively, and should always be friendly– just like in a real casino.

Customer support is a huge factor when determining online casino ratings. Almost every site claims to have the most friendly and approachable staff, so players should check it out for themselves before committing to a particular online casino.

Apart from customer support, the most important consideration in determining a sites online casino rating is its level of transparency. Honesty and fair-play are the cornerstones of any top online casino.

Sites with the best online casino rating have built in game and financial history tracking systems.

These systems allow players to review the exact date, time and amount of every transaction they make. Sites with the best online casino ratings will offer this information up freely and openly.

All sites with good online casino ratings have built-in systems testing software.TST, (Technical Systems Testing), is the most respected software technology of its kind available today. ST is constantly running random tests designed to ensure that all games are being operated fairly and randomly.

Today’s top online casinos work hard to set themselves apart from their competition. From top of the line technical systems testing software, to built-in game and financial history features, today’s best sites know that in order to earn those online casino ratings, they have to pull out all the punches.

It’s about providing a state of the art gaming environment that is not only enjoyable, but secure, fair and transparent. That is what their customers have come to expect.

After all, the players are really the ultimate judges online casino rating! Without players, the online casinos in question would not exist. And to prove the point.


Top Online Casino Rating

With so much variety on the internet today, the world’s top online casinos are continually looking for ways to set themselves apart from their competition. Securing a top online casino rating is an excellent way to prove to potential customers that theirs is a safe, fair and reputable online gaming environment.

A good online casino rating is dependent on a number of factors, the most important of which are security, transparency and commitment to random play. Almost all online casino sites offer a wide variety of games and offers, but the best online casino ratings are reserved for those sites that offer the most free money promotions and the greatest selection of both standard and specialty games.

Good online casino ratings, for example, often go to web-based casinos that offer a number of different varieties of poker, rather than those that simply offer the standard table options. The same goes for the best online slots and other card games. When it comes to games, variety is the key to earning a top online casino rating.

For instance, most online casinos on the internet today offer the standard table games, such as blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and Caribbean stud poker. But there are online casinos out there that also offer “specialty games” such as sic bo, red dog, and war. The are the casinos that will be given higher online casino rating.

Software quality is another important factor in determining a good online casino rating. As a player, it is important to be aware of which software platform is being used by your chosen online casino. AST and RTG are the most commonly employed software platforms. litches and errors are rare with both AST and RTG.

Just as important as the software used to run the games, is the software employed by the casino to maintain the security of the site. Technical Systems Testing, or TST, is without a doubt the most widely respected and recognized online casino systems testing technology.

TST is the latest and greatest in online casino security software. It’s completely independent and fully impartial testing system guarantees the firmest standards of technical compliance. TST is internationally recognized and accredited. The TST symbol guarantees that the games being played on the site are completely fair and randomly selected.

The peace of mind that comes with playing at a fair and secure site is, in my opinion, the most important factor in determining its online casino rating. Is your money secure? Is the site committed to providing you with the best possible chance to win big?


The Power Of Patience In Poker

Have you ever watched great poker players in action and noticed how they seem to have limitless patience? Patience is one of the most powerful skills you can develop if you want to become a great player yourself.

You may be surprised to note that impatience is most often caused by a feeling of dissatisfaction with the current situation. For example, if you’re bored with the game or if it’s not moving in your favor, you might feel a surge of impatience to hurry up and finish it. Or you might struggle to stay patient during tense moments because the suspense is almost unbearable.

Developing patience is largely a matter of learning how to keep yourself rooted firmly in the present moment, rather than allowing your mind to drift to the way you wish things could be.

Here are three easy ways to do so:

1) Emotional detachment.

Your emotional state at any given moment can wreak havoc on your level of patience. For example, imagine that the game suddenly takes a bad turn and you begin worrying that you might lose a hand. The threat of failure will get your emotions all in an uproar and cause you to start fidgeting and squirming (if only mentally).

To combat this possibility, learn how to consciously detach from errant emotions. You can always tell when your emotions are becoming turbulent because of how you feel. You’ll suddenly become aware that your heart is pounding, or you may start sweating or feeling sick to your stomach. When this happens, you’ll want to mentally shift yourself away from these turbulent feelings. Imagine that your emotions and yourself are two separate entities and you can simply mentally sidestep away from them. They will still be there, but you won’t be under their power any longer.

2) Ground yourself physically.

Another effective technique to increase your patience is to shift your body in a way that enhances your awareness of the present moment. When you notice your attention starting to drift and you begin to feel restless and impatient, make a point of sitting straight in your chair and planting your feet flat on the floor. Imagine that your feet are “rooted” to the floor, thereby rooting you in the present moment. This subtle physical shift can also create a powerful mental shift that casts impatience away.

3) Become mindful.

The term “mindfulness” is commonly used to describe the Buddhist spiritual practice of engaging deeply with the present moment – but it’s not just for spiritual seekers! Mindfulness is a powerful way to strengthen your patience too. Remember, impatience is often the result of wishing things to be different than they are right now. If you make a conscious choice to focus all of your attention on accepting and embracing the present moment exactly as it is, you’ll find that your impatience fades away easily. This mind-set helps you see that there’s nothing to rush toward or hurry away from – there is only right NOW to be concerned with.

Finally, remember that developing patience is a habit more than anything else. You can train yourself to stay focused and endlessly patient simply by choosing to do so as often as possible. Over time, this becomes your default state of mind and impatience will be a rare occurrence.

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Wealth Mind-Set And Great Poker Players

At first glance, a wealth mind-set would seem to be completely unrelated to poker, right? Wrong! Never is a wealth mind-set more important than in activities that involve money or success in any form.

What is a wealth mind-set, anyway?

Most often the term refers to a consistent expectation of wealth and success.To better clarify this concept, let us consider people who obviously have this type of mind-set.

Have you ever known people who seem to be naturally lucky? Perhaps they frequently win money and prizes in contests, lotteries, and sweepstakes; or they constantly seem to get offered great opportunities, jobs and other forms of good fortune effortlessly.

Have you ever wondered how they do it?

Ironically, “luck” has nothing to do with it. Not in the sense that we usually think of luck anyway. Rather, this type of person undoubtedly has what we would call a wealth mind-set. They EXPECT wealth. They expect to win. They expect to succeed in whatever they do. And more often than not, they do!

Let’s use another example. Imagine that you are observing two men who apply for the same great job. One of them is very confident that he’s the man for the job. He knows that he has a lot to offer the company and that confidence shines through during his interview. After the interview, he knows he aced it. He believes he’s going to get the job.

The other guy isn’t quite so confident. He really wants the job, but in his head are all kinds of negative thoughts: “Things never work out for me, so I shouldn’t get my hopes up. I’m probably not the best candidate they’ll interview.” As a result of these thoughts, he’s more restrained and nervous during his interview. He stumbles over his answers and worries what the interviewer is thinking of him. Afterwards, he agonizes over his answers and thinks, “I screwed it up; they’ll never hire me now.”

No big surprise that the first guy will probably get the job! And it’s NOT just about confidence, either! It’s about EXPECTATION.

Which personality type do you most resemble? Do you expect great things to happen to you? Do you expect to win and succeed at whatever you do? Or do you doubt yourself and get caught up in negative thinking and expectation of problems?

Can you see how this applies heavily to the game of poker? Developing a wealth mind-set is crucial if you want to be a great poker player. The good news is that it isn’t hard to do at all. Here’s how:

1) Expect good in all you do.

Believe it or not, negative thinking isn’t “all in your head.” It actually seeps out and colors everything you do. If you believe you can’t be successful, if you believe you’ll never be a great poker player, you’ll act in ways that bring exactly that result. On the other hand, if you expect to master the game, expect to play well, expect to win – guess what is more likely to happen?

2) Affirm constantly that you are blessed with good fortune.

Expectations are often intangible and hard to grasp, so to help solidify these concepts in your mind, get into the habit of speaking aloud your expectations of success. Say things like this: “I’m feeling really lucky today! Great things are going to happen to me today, I just know it! I’m going to play my best game ever tonight,” and so on. Say them over and over again until you really believe them. It will take a little time to really absorb the messages but eventually you will, and you will find your “luck” changing for the better.

3) Refuse to entertain doubt and disbelief.

Understand that doubts are completely normal when you first begin developing a wealth mind-set. You’re not used to thinking this way, so of course it’s going to feel strange and you might be tempted to give up. Don’t do it! Anything worthwhile will take a bit of effort and you’ll be pleased to find that when you refuse to entertain doubts and disbelief, they have no choice but to fade away.

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